A new pair of French cut underwear will soon be available in Australia, and Australian retailer Tempted is already selling a limited number of them.

The brand is known for its casual and casual-inspired underwear, with a focus on the cut of the female form.

But it’s the pair of pantyhose that are sure to take Australian fans by storm.

Australian retailer TESSED has made some waves with the arrival of the first pair of poncho-like pants, called ponchos.

The new pair have an all-over design, but feature the French cut of underwear, a silhouette that has been influenced by the styles of the 1960s.

It features the same waistband, but with a slimmer silhouette.

Tempted also made an all black version with a slightly higher cut.

“The French cut is a great way to celebrate the country, its heritage and its cultural history, and we’re delighted to be able to carry on the tradition of French underwear,” said Tempting’s founder and managing director, James Fritsch, in a statement.

“This pair of new pants are an exciting addition to our range, and they are a true homage to the French, and a great representation of the country’s rich heritage.”

A similar pair of pants was also available to order earlier this month for $70.

Fritsch said the new panty line is also designed to celebrate Australia’s heritage and the heritage of the French.

“We are very pleased to have such a diverse range of styles and prints in the Panties range, which includes both contemporary and classic designs, with both women and men’s styles, and all in the same beautiful colour,” he said.

“I hope our customers will enjoy the variety, and I look forward to introducing more new styles of Panties soon.”

The panty lines will be available from July 18.