The Indonesian capital of Bali plans to offer its citizens free underwear to prevent them from catching colds, officials said Wednesday.

The idea is to raise awareness of the importance of getting proper sleep and avoiding mosquito bites, according to Deputy Chief Health Officer Maung Weng, who is also deputy director of the Department of Health.

The announcement came in a letter to parents.

In December, the Indonesian capital announced plans to introduce a program that will give away 1,000 pairs of underwear, including shorts and tank tops, for every student in the country.

School officials said the program is aimed at raising awareness of cold-related diseases among students, who often lack adequate exposure to the cold.

This year’s campaign was initiated as a pilot program for the government to gather data on the safety and effectiveness of the program, Weng said.

A study on the program will be launched by September, he added.

The initiative comes after the Indonesian government in January banned the sale of underwear that were made in a fashion that made them too warm for comfort.

Bali is among a number of cities around the world where school uniforms have been banned because they are too warm.