Duluth, MN (AP) The underwear and socks that have become the subject of a heated debate have become smaller and smaller.

The women’s version has been slimmed down, while men’s versions are becoming smaller, too.

But, as with other products, the shrinking is a trend that’s not going away.

“Women’s underwear has shrunk,” said Erin Murphy, a spokeswoman for the Women’s Wear Daily.

“Men’s underwear is becoming more and more thin, and women’s socks are shrinking in the same way.”

The shrinking of women’s and mens underwear has led to complaints from some women about the “slipping” effect of the new design.

Women’s underwear companies say the sizing of their products are based on how much they need to stretch a foot to fit it.

But some women say it’s important to keep the sizing small, even if the products are shrinking.

The shrinkage of womens underwear is not an issue for everyone, said Jessica P. Anderson, a personal trainer and personal fitness instructor.

But for some, the shrinkage can be a bit overwhelming.

“If you’re just trying to get a good fit and want a really tight fit, it can be challenging,” said Anderson, who is also a certified personal trainer.

“I feel like I have to be really, really tight and stretch and squeeze my foot out to get that perfect fit, and sometimes I can’t.”

If you can’t find a size, you can always try a different brand or try something smaller.

And if you’re looking for something a little smaller that is still a great fit, try a smaller size than you typically wear.

“It’s really not a big deal for me,” Anderson said.

But if you have a bigger size to start, you might want to try a larger size.

“Just because you can wear smaller than you normally wear doesn’t mean that you have to,” Anderson added.