Breitbart News has exclusively learned that Target has launched a new subscription service that is currently available for women to order and use.

The women’s undergarments, from Target, include styles like a T-shirt with the slogan “Men are Best” and a women’s bathing suit with the words “Men Are Best”.

Target women have been using the new service for the past few months and according to Target marketing manager, Amanda Leach, it has been incredibly popular.

“We’ve had some great feedback from customers,” Leach said.

“The women’s undershirts are amazing.”

The women have also been impressed by the quality of the products.

“I can’t wait to get home and try the products,” one woman wrote on the website.

Target has been making waves with the women’s Underwear subscription service.

Since launching the subscription service in April, Target has had over 1.4 million women’s subscriptions.

While the Underwear website says women’s subscribers are now signed up for the subscription, the company has not confirmed that women are ordering the items from Target.

The new women’s subscription service is currently only available to women who are 18 or older, though the company is working to expand the subscription program.

Leach explained that Target’s new service is not a one-time purchase, but instead has been available to all Target customers since March.

Leich said that Target had been working on the subscription site for some time.

“There’s no limit on the number of subscriptions we can give away, but it’s really unique and really exciting for Target to give women a new way to shop,” she said.

Lech also said that the new women service has been very popular with women who shop in Target’s Women’s section.

“In terms of the women, they love the service,” Leich told Breitbart News.

“They’re really excited about it and they really love that they can get the product for free.”

Leach added that Target also announced the launch of its Men’s Undercover service last month.

“It’s really great for women,” she added.

“Because it’s not just a one time purchase, it’s actually a one of a kind.”

Target is also offering the women a free subscription to the men’s Undercoats website.

The Women’s Undercutters subscription service currently has more than 1.2 million subscribers.

According to Leach the company will expand the Women’s Subscription service with a women-specific option and eventually a women and men’s subscriptions option.

Leech said Target’s women’s service will not only be available to Target women, but also Target women who have an account on the Men’s website.

“Target has an incredibly loyal customer base,” she explained.

“Women are really loving this.”