At the end of this year’s Women’s World Cup, USA Basketball announced the Women’s U.N.T.O. will have a new home: an athletic underwear line.

While the U-20 World Cup has been the team’s main focus this season, the Under Armour Women’s Academy, the team is looking to bring a new identity to the fold.

The USA U-19 team is in first place in the tournament, having won the last three games.

And the Under Armor Academy is expected to make its debut at the USA Women’s national team training camp in Orlando, Florida, next month.

But the line is a far cry from the uniforms that the Uteas wore during their 2016 campaign.

“The Under Armour brand is not just a shirt, it is a brand that is synonymous with the team,” said USA Soccer Women Coach Jill Ellis, whose team has struggled to win under the Underarmour banner.

“Our new Under Armour Academy uniforms will be the first to wear the Underwear Academy colors and the Underpants Academy logo.”

The Under Armour line will have three styles: Under Armour Classic, Under Armour Sport, and Under Armour Elite.

The U-18 and Under-17 teams will use the Under-Armour Academy uniform, while the U21 team will wear the UFA Academy uniforms.

USA U17 Women’s Head Coach Jill Ellenberger was not available for comment when reached by Vice News, but her teammates and USA U21 coach Kristine Lilly have expressed their excitement.

“We’re excited about the new uniforms,” said Lilly, who coached the U18s at the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

“They’re a great uniform, and they look really good on her.

We’re also looking forward to wearing them in front of our fans.”

Lilly said the team plans to wear them for two weeks of training before playing their first match at the U20 Women’s Under-20 Championships.

“It’s exciting to be a part of a brand like that,” said Ellenberger.

“This is a very exciting time for our women’s team.”

While the Under Armour Academy will wear an all-black look, Lilly and Ellis both said that they’re still keeping their eyes on the Under T-shirts.

“I’m sure there are a lot of people out there who will be looking for the Under B-shirts or the Under Pants,” Ellis said.

“But we’re excited for them to wear Under T and we’ll see how they respond to them.”

USA U19 Men’s Head Soccer Coach Nick Rolovich is optimistic about the uniforms.

“As far as our uniforms, I think they’re going to be great,” Rolovic said.

The Under-T shirts are not just for the men, Ellis said, but also for the younger players.

“When they see how well our players are performing at this time of year, I can see them picking up their Under T shirts,” she said.