MSNBC reported this morning that an ad for Cotton Cheeks, a new underwear line from underwear brand Cotton Cheerios, was pulled from YouTube because it features a picture of an actual cotton cheek.

The ad features the word “cheeky” in the caption and reads, “Cotton Cheeks has teamed up with cotton cheek underwear to deliver a high-quality, fashionable pair.”

The ad was pulled in part because the word was too close to the word for it to be considered a “true parody.”

Fox News host Brian Kilmeade explained that the word’s association with cotton was intentional, and the underwear was created with the help of an artist who used to work at a cotton farm.

“It’s not a true parody, it’s just a way to give a nod to the cotton growers, the cotton farmers,” Kilmead said.

“We’re just trying to give the cotton farmer a nod of approval that they’re doing something worthwhile.”

Cotton cheeky, that is.

We’re not sure what Cotton Cheeses plans to do with the ad.

Cotton cheek is one of the most commonly used words in the English language, and we imagine the company is trying to use it to advertise something they think is pretty cool.

We’ve reached out to Cotton Cheers for comment.