An under-underwear model who is known to sport a hijab may be taking her hijab off soon.

In the meantime, a few alterations are taking place in the fashion world.

The Muslim fashion trend has recently been gaining popularity with female fashion designers and influencers, and it is not just the women wearing the hijab.

The trend has been gaining popular popularity with women’s clothing designers and fashion influencers.

In a recent interview with The Jerusalem Times, fashion designer Aqeel Jafar shared a photo of a hijab-wearing model who he says is his inspiration for his fashion line.

“She’s a young woman from Lebanon, but she is the model of my collection, and she wears a hijab,” he said.

He added that he would soon be adding more styles featuring the hijab to his upcoming collection.

Jafar, who has also worked for Fendi, Versace, H&M and Dolce & Gabbana, told The Jerusalem Sun that he first became interested in the hijab after hearing about it on TV.

“I started following the trend and seeing how it was evolving,” he told The Sun.

“In Lebanon, it is a very conservative country, so the hijab is very important in the society.

I think women are very open to this trend.”

Jafars latest collection, titled The Hijab Is Not a Hat, includes women’s styles such as shalwar kameez, halwa, niqab, hijab and karakab, which feature different styles for each woman.

He said he has recently added some women’s undergarments to his collection.

“We’ve been working on this collection for almost a year, and we have a few new pieces for the women, as well as the hijab,” Jafaris fashion manager Sabah Beshara told The Israeli daily Haaretz.

“Some women like the halwa look, others prefer the hijab look.

It’s very important to add to the collection.

I hope that we will be able to add more items to it soon.”

Jafars new collection has already garnered praise from some women, including one woman who shared her photos on Instagram with the caption, “the hijab is so beautiful.”

Jawad Al-Aqsa, who is from Beirut, has been wearing a hijab since she was 10 years old.

Al-Amrani, an Arab woman who has been working in the entertainment industry, said that wearing the headscarf has allowed her to live in the Middle East more freely.

“It is a big challenge, but I can live here and be free,” she told The Independent.

Al Jazeera spoke to the founder of a Lebanese fashion company, Saad al-Ahmed, about the hijab and how it is impacting her career.

“When I first got my first job, I had to wear a hijab for my salary.

It was really tough for me to work.

But I found a way to adapt and learn how to live with it,” he explained.

“Now I wear it, and I am not scared.

I am very happy about it.”

Ahmed added that it is important to not let fashion define you.

“We wear hijab because we are human, and in our work we have to be able see our own reflection in our clothes,” he stressed.

“Our clothes are our body and we must accept it.

We don’t have to dress like it.”