Polo shirts are a versatile wardrobe item that’s often worn over denim pants and jeans, but they’re also a great option for when you want to wear a bit more leggings, a pair of shorts or a pair with a zip up waistband.

To find out what type of shirt is right for you, we spoke to our favourite experts.

How to pick a polos Polo shirts often come in a range of sizes from 2XL to 3XL, depending on what your height is and how you want it to fit.

The standard is a long sleeve t-shirt, which is great for a shorter, more relaxed look.

You can also opt for a more tailored fit.

You’ll find a number of different styles available on the market, including short-sleeved t-shirts, medium-sleeve t-shirts and long-shelved shirts.

The choice of shirt depends on your height.

If you’re taller than 5ft 2in you’ll want to choose one that fits over your jeans and a long-fitting pair of trousers.

If your height falls between 5ft 1in and 5ft 4in you may want to go for a fitted shirt.

But for most taller people, a t-up shirt is the perfect option.

Here are our favourite polo shirts to try.


Levi’s Men’s Polo T-Shirt This is a great shirt for any height, from 5ft 6in to 6ft 8in.

It’s designed to fit over jeans, and the fit is classic, with a slight curve at the waist.

It comes in a number for different body shapes, and it’s also great for those with a lot of curves in their hips.

This is one of our favourite shirts, too.

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Polo Shirt for Men 3XL This is our favourite style for men’s polos.

It is a medium-fit shirt that has a great fit, and has a soft, plush lining that’s ideal for the shape of your legs.

Find this shirt here for $70 on Amazon 3.

Polo Polo Shirt with Zip-Up Waistband This shirt has a nice zip-up waistband, making it perfect for those who have tight hips.

It has a slim fit, but it also has pockets for extra pockets, which are great for dressing up with a tie or scarf.

Find the Polo Polo Tee here for an extra £40.


Polo Tee in Black This is another great option to try for men.

The Polo Tee is a super casual shirt with a very casual feel.

It fits a lot smaller, but still looks great.

Find out more on the Polo Tee website.


Polo Sleeve T-shirt The Polo Sleeves T-shirts have a classic fit that’s perfect for a slim body.

This fits all sizes, from under 5ft to 5ft 10in.

The fabric is soft and the material is cotton and has an easy to wash, dry feel.

Find a Polo Selt Tee here.


Polo Tshirt for Women This is an option for women who prefer a more fitted look.

It can be a bit bulky, so we’d recommend choosing one that’s a bit smaller, like a small fitted tee.

Find our favourite Polo Tee shirts here for a few extra quid.


Polo Button-Up T-Tie This is the most versatile of the Polo Ties.

It doesn’t have to be too slim for you to wear it over jeans or trousers, but you can wear it with a slim cut or skinny t-dress.

Find these Polo Tied Tee shirts below for £15 on Amazon 8.

Polo Lace Tee The Polo Laces are a great addition to any wardrobe for anyone who likes a touch of style.

They’re a cotton t- tee with a small elastic waistband that can be worn over jeans and trousers.

Find them here for €14.99 on Amazon 9.

Polo Biker Jacket Polo jackets are great choices for a casual look.

The button-up is a classic look, and is great if you like to wear the same pair of jeans over and over.

Find your favourite Polo jacket here for 50p on Amazon 10.

Polo Slouchy Jacket Polo slouchy jackets are another great choice for a laid back look.

These are a cotton, lightweight t- shirt that can also be worn with a slouchier dress or a more casual look with jeans or shorts.

Find more Polo slung jackets here for 20p on eBay.


Polo Dress Shirt Polo dresses are great options for a lay back look that’s easy to wear.

The shape of the shirt will give you a great amount of coverage, and you can dress up with jeans, a blazer or a tie.

Find some great Polo dress shirts below here for 10p on Etsy.


Polo Tank Top The Polo Tanktop is a slim-fitting tee that is perfect