When the social media world is not exactly your friend, you are going to find it hard to keep your cool.

A new study by the University of Melbourne and the University, Sydney suggests that people who find it difficult to take part in online forums or social networks may actually feel less happy in their personal lives than those who do not.

“We find that when we can’t find the time or are bored with social media, people who are unhappy are more likely to spend time online, particularly when the social environment is not their favourite,” Dr Sarah Miller, a doctoral student in social psychology at the University said.

“When it comes to the Internet, there’s a real lack of options and social support, and those are just two of the problems we found.”

Dr Miller’s study, titled ‘The internet is a great ally, but not all of us are using it well’ found that people with a more difficult time with social networking and forums are more anxious about their lives, while those who are more content online are less anxious.

“Our study showed that people suffering from anxiety and depression are more active on social media sites than people who don’t,” Dr Miller said.

The study also found that those who were more socially disengaged were more likely than those without these feelings to engage in activities that made them feel bored, stressed or bored.

“One of the things we find in social media is people who experience boredom tend to engage with things that they find boring, like Instagram and Facebook,” Dr Smith said.

Dr Miller said it was difficult to know how many people actually engage in these activities, and whether those who felt less busy online were actually less engaged in them.

“The good news is that people are not alone in these behaviours, but we also know that many social media users are engaged in these behaviors and may not realise it,” Dr Johnson said.