There are a number of different styles of underwear for men and women, and while some might consider them “brief” underwear, others are known as “jockey” underwear.

The most popular of these is the short-sleeve jockey underwear, which is often worn by male athletes.

It is also popular for female athletes, who have the option of wearing long-sleeved briefs.

“You wear it to get a nice, snug fit,” says a spokeswoman for the company, “and you can easily put it on a tight day with your jeans.”

The style also can be worn for longer periods of time, sometimes stretching the elastic of the briefs to make them fit better.

Another popular style of underwear is the “jock” briefs, which are shorter and can be tucked into your pants.

This style is often popular among the male athletes, as it fits perfectly.

The best way to find out if a jockey-brief style is right for you is to try it out on yourself, and then compare the results with the ones you’ve seen on TV.

“Just go to the store and see how they fit,” the spokesperson says.

If you want to try a different style of jockey, be sure to buy from a shop with a male-only selection.

“If you’re buying from a women-only shop, you’ll have to find a different brand, so it’s best to try something new,” the spokeswoman adds.