Posted October 09, 2018 10:29:10When you think of men’s underwear, you might think of the ones that you can see in stores or online, but a lot of people don’t even know what that actually means.

For some, it’s simply underwear, for others, it can mean something more.

We spoke to a man who goes by the name “Drew,” who says he likes to find the “real deal” when it comes to underwear.

“I can get pretty much anything, from an underwear fetishist to the average guy, to get the exact look I’m after,” Drew told ESPN Clic.

“I’ve found a few guys that actually look at it for what it is and not how it’s supposed to be.”

The idea behind shiny underwear is simple: the more transparent the underwear is, the more it can show off its natural colors, and the more appealing the wearer is to others.

“If I have a pair of dark shorts that I can wear, and then a pair that are a little bit bright with no visible veins, I get more guys coming to me,” Drew said.

“If I don’t have a lot, I think a darker pair will just be like, ‘Oh, you’re wearing shorts that are too dark for me.'”

If you’re a guy that likes to have the cleavage that’s not visible, but you can show that with the shiny look, that’s what I’d do.

“Drew’s favorite thing to find, though, is the ones with a more traditional style, like a tank top or a sporty top.

He says these are the ones he likes the most.”

The best shiny-themed underwear on YouTube? “

It’s kind of like, if I’m looking for something, I want to look for something that doesn’t get in the way.”

The best shiny-themed underwear on YouTube?

The ones with natural, semi-transparent colorsThe most popular videos on YouTube are the top five, with the rest either trending or trending in their own way.

But there’s a big difference when it come to the ones which have a natural look.

“Shiny underwear really has a lot to do with the color,” Drew explained.

“When you look at some of the top videos, the ones where the material looks like it’s actually dyed, or that’s got some sort of metallic paint on it, or it’s a metallic finish, I actually think that those are the best ones.”

Because the material that they’re dyeing, that means the material has a natural, metallic look.

It looks like the material is actually in there, it doesn’t have the color.

You can’t get any better than a natural material, so that’s where I go to find shiny ones.””

The material that I’m interested in is really, really, 100% natural,” he said.

“You can’t get any better than a natural material, so that’s where I go to find shiny ones.”

He goes on to say that the ones from companies like Fyffes and Dicks are the most popular.

“For me, they’re the ones I like the most,” he added.

Drew says his favourite thing about shiny materials is that they always look better than the regular ones.

“You can get a really natural looking look with a shiny material, but if it’s the kind that’s going to make your face look like it has veins, it won’t look as good.”

He’s also a fan of companies like Glamazon, who also offer a range of shiny panties.

“Glamazon has always been a company that I really enjoy,” he explained.

“They have really great prices, and they always have great prices.

They always have a great variety of styles, and a lot more colors than most underwear companies.”

If you want to know more about the best shinkies, we have a full guide here.