A new fashion trend for young women and mothers has emerged in the United States, with some opting for maternity underwear.

The trend, known as “magic underwear,” has been gaining traction, and it’s being embraced by many women in their 20s and 30s, according to The Sport Blog.

The concept is that, instead of just wearing a pair of underwear with a bra underneath, some women have taken to wearing magic underwear that have a bra attached.

Magic underwear comes in various styles and styles of magic underwear can be found at many thrift stores and specialty stores, and they can be bought online, too.

The sport blog says many young women are using magic underwear to enhance their bodies in a variety of ways, such as adding more muscle, increasing bone density, and adding definition to the legs.

“Magic underwear is an excellent choice for women of all ages, and many people are choosing it to keep them in shape, even if they are not looking to get pregnant or start a family,” the blog says.

“Women who are looking for a more casual look, a way to get out of the house without feeling out of place, and the ability to wear any kind of clothing, including baby clothes, are finding that magic underwear is the perfect choice.”

While magic underwear may be a novelty, it may be just the thing that will get your confidence up after a long day at work.