An ex-lady of a woman who claims she cheated on her former lover with an elephant trunk has said she would “love to” have sex again with him.

Key points:The court heard the woman had sex with the man at a hotel in the city of Durban in the 1990sShe claims she did not tell her partner she was cheating because she was ashamed and scared of losing the relationshipShe has appealed against the court’s decision to disqualify her from having sex with her former boyfriendShe says she is going on “a date” with him in the same hotel room again next weekShe said the man told her he would get her back after two months of dating, but the woman said she was “horrified” at the prospect of having sex again.

The woman was travelling to South Africa in the late 1990s with her partner when they met in Durban and she said they had sex for a short time on the way.

The man left the hotel, she said, but they went back to his room and she was not able to get off.

She told the court she felt she was losing her relationship and her husband.

She said she did tell him she was going to have sex with him again, but he refused and said he would not have sex for two months.

She was devastated and frightened of losing their relationship and of what would happen to their children, she told the hearing.

The court was told the woman was a stay-at-home mum who did not have the resources to pay for a hotel room for two nights.

The trial is expected to resume on Monday.

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