The male underwear market is a growing and profitable business, and with good reason.

Men have always worn them, but with the rise of men’s footwear, the industry is now worth $1.6 billion, according to industry research firm Euromonitor.

This is about as much as women make in the entire footwear industry.

As we’ve seen with women’s shoes, men can earn as much money selling men’s apparel, which is more than enough to keep them afloat.

But, as women continue to wear more and more clothes and stay in more places, men will need to do more to attract and keep them.

Here are 10 things men can do to increase their market share in the underwear business.1.

Find a good sponsor: One of the best ways to increase your male underwear business is by finding a sponsor.

Men tend to buy their own underwear, and this means that you can help them do so by paying for a sponsored pair of underwear.

If you are interested in partnering with a company to help you grow your male panties business, we recommend consulting our guide to female underwear partnerships.2.

Choose a well-known brand: Male underwear brands typically offer a range of styles and styles of underwear, but you don’t have to choose just one.

Look for brands with established histories of success, as well as brand loyalists who will be able to provide you with a solid lineup of men underwear for your needs.3.

Look online for quality men’s style brands: Men’s underwear can be incredibly difficult to find, and the best place to find it is online.

If it’s a good quality brand, you’ll likely find a lot of great products at bargain prices.

For example, we highly recommend using an underwear retailer such as Men’s Panty Shop.4.

Find clothing brands that have an active online presence: There are a few men’s fashion and fashion-forward brands that we highly encourage you to check out.

They can offer great deals on quality underwear and men’s accessories.5.

Find men’s clothing that suits your lifestyle: Men tend not to like the traditional underwear, which can lead to confusion, but some brands like Nike and ASOS are doing a good job of providing a range that fits your lifestyle.

If the company you’re shopping for has a line of men clothing, we suggest checking out their online stores.6.

Look into custom-made men’s panties: A lot of men find it difficult to buy custom-built underwear, so if you’re looking for a better value option, consider looking into custom made men’s pads.7.

Choose male-oriented underwear: This is a great way to find the right underwear for a man who likes a bit of a different look.

Look at the size, the style, and your personal preferences.8.

Shop around for best prices: The best way to increase the visibility of your underwear business in the marketplace is to shop around.

Find good deals on a variety of men products, and make sure you take advantage of discount offers when possible.9.

Use a good online tool to search for products: You don’t need to buy everything in the store; just look for products that you like.

This way, you can see what you can find for less money and also make sure your business can still thrive.10.

Find the best products at a price that works: You’ll be able buy more quality products for less, which will help you build a strong business.