Laura Ashley, the new face of underwear, is so pretty in the brand’s newest underwear collection.

The new collection, available at Amazon, is the first time that Ashley has worn underwear.

The underwear has been designed to be worn in the shower or bathtub, but it also has an extra roomy section with two rows of underwear.

It comes in three different colors, including a light blue, pink, and light grey.

Ashley wore the new collection in the new “Lovely Lovesong” video for her “Lovelovesong.”

It is the second time Ashley has gone on the red carpet for her new line.

She wore her own underwear in “Love Your Body” in February.

The clothing line will hit stores in August, and Ashley is planning to unveil a collection for men.

Ashley has also been working on a new line of underwear for men in the works, but has not yet confirmed that she will be wearing it.

The latest “Lovellovesong,” by Laura Ashley and James LaBarre, premieres on ABC.

The “Lovella Lovellovesongs” line of adult-oriented underwear will debut in September.