It’s not often that you see a movie starring a girl.

But sometimes you’ll be treated to a little bit of female entertainment, like the movie Boys in Boots, which stars a character named James (Tom Hardy).

It stars Tom Hardy as a young man who is trapped in an office cubicle with a boss, who is also a man, who has just finished his shift.

The boss is actually a woman, but she has the hots for him, and the two of them get into an argument, and then the boss gets angry and storms out.

James is a very smart and charismatic man, but his boss seems to be very insistent on having him as his secretary.

The only way James can make money in the office is to wear boxer shorts, and that’s what he wears when he goes out for the night.

The movie’s plot is simple: James meets a woman in a cubicle, but it’s not quite clear how she got there.

It’s unclear whether she’s a customer or a co-worker, but the boss is clearly not interested in her.

She also seems to want to take him home with her.

James’s job is to be a secretary in a bank, and he’s having a tough time making ends meet because his boss is threatening to fire him if he doesn’t work extra long.

She tells him that if he wants to make a little extra money, he should try to find some new clients.

And so he does, but he’s not the only one.

There’s a lot of money involved in that, too.

But the best thing about the movie is that it’s a movie about men.

Hardy plays James as a smart and successful man who does what he has to do to get by.

James also happens to be one of the only men in a big company who wears boxer shorts.

When he walks into a bar and a guy wearing boxer shorts walks in, he doesn and then James doesn’t notice the guy, and his boss leaves without saying goodbye.

The film is full of good-hearted jokes about the differences between men and women.

James is a smart man who knows he’s good at his job and gets his way.

He also has a good sense of humor, and sometimes he’s very cheeky.

But his boss isn’t.

His boss is a woman.

And James is never in any way threatened.

It doesn’t matter what’s going on around him.

There are no bosses who don’t get angry, no bosses whose actions are somehow less than justified.

There are some pretty funny lines in the movie.

One woman is actually an accountant for a major corporation and her boss has a very bad temper.

Another boss is an ex-cop who’s now a cop himself.

It all comes together in the last few minutes of the movie, when the boss finally does leave.

James goes home, and as he’s driving, he spots a lady in a white blouse who looks like he was walking into a nightclub.

She’s a very good dancer and she’s not wearing boxer briefs, and she starts to dance, but then she looks up and her bosses sees what she’s doing.

The boss gets upset and yells at James, and James gets out of the car and yells back at his boss, telling him that he’s got to get home and that the fight was just an excuse to make extra money.

James gets mad, and gets out the car.

And the movie ends with James getting out of jail and returning home.

That’s not exactly the ending you’d expect from a movie with a pretty strong message about equality.

But it’s also not a bad ending.

The movie is about equality, but its message about masculinity isn’t just about equality for men.

James was a man before he started wearing boxer underwear.

It shows that a man can do the work he needs to do, and still have the time and energy to enjoy life.

And it’s one of those moments where men can be men and still be men.