You know how the guy in the next room has a new pair of briefs?

Yeah, he was wearing them before they even came out, right?

Well, now he’s not, and he might have even started wearing them in the first place.

The next time you see him, he might not be wearing them because he’s a new guy who hasn’t yet been exposed to a woman’s underwear.

Women’s underwear are a great way to make new friends, but you need to be careful.

Here are some of the reasons you shouldn’t wear your own.


You’re not going to get the bra right out of the package.

If you don’t wear the underwear before they’re even available, chances are you’re not using the right type of bra for your body.

“Women’s underwear is so important to the way they move,” says Joanne Pascual, author of the book The Unconscious: How Women Learn to Live, Love, and Be Happy, and a professor of psychology at the University of Southern California.

“The bra can have a lot of different things on it.

There’s the shape, the amount of stretch, the elasticity, the way it can hold your boobs in place.”

The more you’re wearing, the less likely you are to find the right fit.


You’ll be able to smell them if they’re a bit dirty.

In other words, the bra is going to be a lot cleaner than it would be if you weren’t wearing it.

Women who wear their own underwear also tend to smell less than those who wear the briefs, says Pascu, who has researched the topic for years.

So it’s easy to be tempted to just toss them into the wash and forget about them.

“I always remind myself, ‘Don’t just throw the bra in the wash,'” she says.

“Use it, because if you don, the smell will be there.”


You won’t feel comfortable with the look of your bra.

It’s easy enough to buy a new bra that’s comfortable for you, but when you’re putting it on, it’s likely to feel “like a bunch of pieces of fabric glued together,” says Pescual.

“It will feel very loose, and you will get that tug-of-war feeling.”


You can’t trust the bra to keep its shape.

You might not notice that your new bra is a bit bigger than your old one, and the shape may be “not quite right,” says Cascual.

If the shape is just a little off, you may notice that you’re more likely to have a hard time getting it off without tugging, which could lead to discomfort.

But the best bras will stay on and not get torn off or ripped.


You may not even be aware you’re using a bra.

Some women wear their bra on top of their clothing to help with a tight fit.

“They’re just trying to give the bra a little extra cushion,” says Mandy Brackett, founder of bra-friendly magazine Lingerie.

But “you need to remember to take into account the way the bra fits,” she says, which means you need a little help with finding a bra that fits right.


You don’t want to look like a total bitch to your partner.

You should wear a bra, especially if you’re dating someone, because you’re giving them a boost, says Brackette.

“You need to give yourself permission to be yourself,” she adds.

“And you need that person to know you’re okay with that.”


The bra could break, or become loose.

You never want your bra to break, but it’s not uncommon for a bra to become loose, especially in warm weather.

If your bra has been on for a long time, it may have worn down in the fabric and become loose or “wiggley,” Pascuel says.

And if it’s loose, you could also break the cup and tear it, which can cause infection.


You could have a difficult time finding bras that fit properly.

If a bra’s not fitting properly, it could make you feel uncomfortable.

“If it’s a little tight or loose, it might make it difficult to get on top, because the cup will be more in the way of the waist,” says Bracker.

“There will be a gap in the middle of the band, which is uncomfortable.”

If your boobs are big and it’s hard to get a bra on, Pascue says you could be tempted by wearing a bigger size.

But she also cautions against it.

“Try not to try to fit something bigger than you have on,” she explains.

“A bigger size will allow you to wear a wider bra.

Just don’t go overboard.”


The underwear could get caught in your clothes.

Women tend to keep their bras hidden in the folds of their shirts, and their underwear is often