An Australian clothing retailer is hoping to make an impact on the lingerie market with a pair of underwear priced at $4,500 each.

The underwear is a set of four sets of six panties that are available for purchase online, in stores and on their own, the company said on its website.

“Our underwear is made from cotton underwear and comes in different sizes so you can choose the size that works best for you,” it said.

“We’ve put together this set of six pairs of underwear so you have plenty of options to choose from and we know you’ll love them.”

The underwear was first announced in the Australian newspaper last week.

The company is selling the panties at an estimated price of about $4 per square meter.

The company also sells clothing from Victoria’s Victoria’s Department of Industrial Relations, which it co-owns with Victoria’s Victorian Clothing Council.

“The idea behind this underwear was to create a small, but powerful brand,” the company’s website said.

A Victoria’s department of industrial relations spokesperson said the department’s website would be updated once it had received feedback from customers.

“Ethika’s underwear is produced from the finest quality cotton fabrics, and comes with a variety of extra comforts,” the spokesperson said.

A spokesman for the Victoria’s clothing council said it was aware of the underwear’s popularity in the country.

“It is a fantastic opportunity for Victoria to make a mark on the world, to stand out in a world where other retailers are failing to deliver,” the spokesman said.

Ethika said the underwear was not an official product of the company.