A new look for the pink underwear brand Pink is coming to Australia. 

Pink underwear has announced it will be adding an “A” to the end of its name, the first time the company has ever done so.

The company has used the word “A+” for years, but it’s only the third time it’s been used for a brand.

“I’ve never used a ‘A’ to signify an end product, and I think the first one I did was when I was still a kid,” the brand’s creative director Matt Brown told ABC Radio’s Q&A program on Monday.

The first time “A”-ed was used to indicate an end-product was when they launched a pink version of the underwear. 

“We started with the idea that we’d just be a bit more neutral and have some fun with it,” Mr Brown said.

“So it’s not that we want to be controversial or anything, it’s just a bit fun and playful and just the kind of thing we can use to create fun and interesting products.”

We have a really good product and we want people to like it.

“The reason why I used ‘A-ed’ in the title was because that was something that I’d seen in a lot of my friends, and that was really a great thing to do.” 

“The only reason I didn’t just use it is because it was a bit awkward,” he said.

Pink’s logo is often used for its underwear.

“Pink is our brand.

It’s our mission,” Mr Black said.

Pink has made a name for itself in Australia, with the brand having just made a major push into the country.

Its first US and Canada launch will be in July, while the company is currently recruiting Australian talent for Australia.

Mr Brown said the brand was a huge influence on the company’s decision to start the Australian launch.

“You can tell that the brand is very much a brand of its time and is very forward-thinking,” he told Q&A.

“It’s not just a little bit cute, it was really ahead of its own time.”

This is a brand that is really taking the Australian market to the next level.

“Mr Brown also said the company was “a little bit disappointed” to be “too late” to get an Australian launch, because it’s in Australia now.”

Our goal was to have this Australian launch in May, but I think it’s too late,” he explained.”

When we decided to do this we didn’t think it would be the end.

“But this is a fantastic opportunity for us and I hope we can continue to be part of the Australian community.”

Mr Black also said he was looking forward to seeing the Australian brand expand internationally.

“I’m really looking forward.

It just seems like the world is getting a little bigger and I’m really excited about it,” he added.