Versace underwear, Men’s underwear, men’s swimwear, underwear, swimwear

Versace has announced it will no longer produce underwear for men in 2017 and instead focus on women’s products.The Italian brand announced that the first line of women’s underwear will be made by Italian designer and fashion brand, Versace, which is based in Milan.The brand said that in 2019, Versa will no more produce women’s […]

How to save money on the latest ethical underwear

Now Playing: This is what you need to know about the latest underwear trends, products, and stylesNow Playing: The Best Period ShortsNow Playing; The Best Cheap Period ShirtsNow Playing The Best New Period ShirtNow Playing These are the best quality, ethical underwear brands for 2018Now Playing How to buy ethical underwear Now Playing; This is […]

Why are some women’s underwear and men’s socks so small?

Duluth, MN (AP) The underwear and socks that have become the subject of a heated debate have become smaller and smaller.The women’s version has been slimmed down, while men’s versions are becoming smaller, too.But, as with other products, the shrinking is a trend that’s not going away.“Women’s underwear has shrunk,” said Erin Murphy, a spokeswoman […]

When a man in underwear talks about women, it’s not surprising they get offended

Women can be incredibly rude to each other, and there are many reasons why they do.Here’s how you can avoid it. 1.Women don’t know your underwear size.It’s common to hear women say, “I wear a size 12 but you’re bigger than me.”This is true.A size 12 is just about the size of your average size […]

Australian woman discovers her inner man with a pair of men’s underwear

Woman discovers her true man in men’s spandex and silk underwear article A woman in Australia has found her inner Man after she discovered she had a pair at her home.Lisa was born with a man’s pelvis and was born without the ability to walk without support, so she was born in a wheelchair.She said […]

How to use Mesh underwear in the shower

When you need to get rid of your mesh underwear in a shower, here’s how.First, you need a pair of mesh underwear.If you’ve got a pair already, try wearing it in the tub, or even in a sink in your living room.Then, find the right size.Find a pair that’s too small, too big or too […]

How to wear underwear with a Gay Straight Boyfriend

Boyshort underwear is often used as a way to express affection for straight, gay or bisexual people, but not everyone is happy about it.In a post on The Gay Straight Man blog, Ryan Landon, 23, describes his feelings toward Boyshort.He’s been wearing Boyshort with me for about 3 weeks now.It is my favorite underwear of […]

Bali to offer free underwear for students

The Indonesian capital of Bali plans to offer its citizens free underwear to prevent them from catching colds, officials said Wednesday.The idea is to raise awareness of the importance of getting proper sleep and avoiding mosquito bites, according to Deputy Chief Health Officer Maung Weng, who is also deputy director of the Department of Health.The […]

Why the Mormon underwear is a perfect fit

By now, you’ve heard about the Mormons underwear.Its soft, its stylish, its comfortable and its made of quality materials.And, most importantly, its available in a variety of colors.Mormons underwear is made of the finest materials in the world.It’s 100% cotton.But, for the majority of us, its more than just the best of what is available.Mormons […]

Puppy underwear for dog lovers

We’ve all been there.When you’ve bought a new pair of underwear, it’s been like a huge gift.But you don’t get to pick the colour.Or you don and your dog is like, ‘What?!’And it’s not quite right, right?So you go and get a second pair of panties.And you’ll get the same response.‘They’re so soft, they’re so […]

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